High Fructose Corn Syrup

Everything You Wanted to Know About Fructose…And It’s Not Good

July 2, 2015


Food and nutrition, Michaeli, Obesity & weight loss:

Fructose is probably the sweetest natural sugar. On a scale of sweetness where sucrose (obtained from sugar cane) is 100, fructose is 173.

Quacks, Charlatans, and Snake Oil

Quacks, Charlatans, and Snake Oil

July 1, 2015


Health care professionals, Medicine: wellness & disease, Michaeli, Salber:

Join Salber & Michaeli as they take you on a quick romp through the less than auspicious history of medicine covering quacks, charlatans, snake oil and more

The Black Death 
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Why We Make Irrational Decisions – Redux

June 28, 2015


Michaeli, Psychology & behavior:

Why do we make such irrational decisions? The short answer is that we are hard-wired to avoid risks.

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Erotic Food: Is That Possible?

June 27, 2015


Food and nutrition, Michaeli:

Several ancient cultures attributed erotic properties to certain fruits and vegetables. Take the tomato. In Hebrew, its name translates to “the seductress.”

The Lost Hairy Penis Case

The Lost Hairy Penis Case

June 25, 2015


Evolution, Genes & genomics, Michaeli:

What is the function of those penile whiskers? And why did we lose them? Evolutionary biologists have theorized that they function as a broom, sweeping out sperm of other males who had paid a visit to the missus.

Father and daughter

The Science of Fatherhood

June 21, 2015


Men's Health, Michaeli, Neurobiology:

What does biological science tell us about fatherhood? Dov Michaeli MD, PhD explores scientific studies on brain and hormonal changes that have evolved to be sure we nuture our young.

The night before...

Should Athletes Have Sex on Friday Night?

June 19, 2015


Men's Health, Michaeli, Sex & reproduction:

The Rabbis of the Talmud decreed that having sex on Friday is a Mitzvah (a must do)! But I have a sneaking suspicion they didn’t have athletic performance in mind.

Everything’s Better with Bacon. So Why Can’t I Eat It?

Everything’s Better with Bacon. So Why Can’t I Eat It?

June 17, 2015


Faith and religion, Food and nutrition, Michaeli, Psychology & behavior:

I can wolf down any amount of shrimps, crab, lobster. You name the chazerei—but in this case, non-kosher food, but not pork, ham or bacon. Irrational, I know.

Your Gut Bacteria and You

Your Gut Bacteria and You

June 15, 2015


Michaeli, Primary Care:

What could be the mechanism of such a profound weight-change by gut bacteria?

Does Acupuncture Work?  Ask the Patient

Does Acupuncture Work? Ask the Patient

June 14, 2015


Michaeli, Patient experience, Primary Care:

Even though studies suggest the benefit of acupuncture is slight to non-existent from a scientific point of view, patient perceptions matter the most