Breaking the Wall of Silence: A Documentary Film In the Making


By Tracy Granzyk MS

First Posted at Educate the Young on 3/4/2013

Tracy Granzyk MS, Managing Editor, Educate the Young
Tracy Granzyk MS, Managing Editor, Educate the Young

The following documentary film trailer for the work in progress entitled, Breaking the Wall of Silence, further reinforces and outlines the need for healthcare consumers to have better access to transparent information as it relates to every aspect of the care being purchased. From access to medical records, to the track record of the physicians performing procedures, to open, honest communication when things don’t go as planned — healthcare thought leaders share their experiences in a system that has taken on a life force of its own, at times at the expense of patients and families. Filmmakers, Carolyn McCulley and Brad Allgood from Citygate Films, also follow Dave Mayer MD, as he leads the Quality & Safety journey at the MedStar Health system in Washington DC/Maryland to create a care environment that embraces the new and evolving demands of healthcare.

Click here to support the film via the Kickstarter Campaign for Breaking the Wall of Silence.