by Patricia Salber

Legendary comedian and activist, Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby, the legendary comedian, made the rounds of the Sunday talk shows.  On Candy Crowley’s “State of the Union” (CNN), he said about George Zimmerman, accused killer of Trayon Martin: “What is solved by saying, ‘He’s a racist, that’s why he shot the boy’?”  The bigger question, Cosby says “is what Zimmerman was doing with a gun, and who taught him how to behave with it.”

He also said, “When a person has a gun, sometimes their mind clicks, that this thing will win arguments and straighten people out…I’m not saying you can’t have it in your home to protect yourself… you’ve got to protect yourself in your own home…But I also believe that when you tell me that you are going to protect the neighborhood that I live in, I don’t want you to have a gun…I want you to be able to see something, report it and get out of the way.”  [Me too!]

Cosby said that he once owned a gun, but no longer does.  He  believes that there is a need to get guns off the streets, and that people should be taught to use every possible alternative before shooting someone. Now, there is some common sense talk about an issue that everyone, particularly our politicians, are afraid to say for fear that the NRA will take them out (out of their next race, that is).

Cosby’s son, Ennis, was shot to death while changing a flat tire on the side of a Los Angeles highway in 1997.

Here is Cos on CNN: