The Big C Competition: A Call for Solutions for People with Cancer

The Big C Competition Logo

The Big C Competition Logo

The LIVESTRONG Foundation is sponsoring “The Big C Competition” in collaboration with Verb, a social enterprise that “produces massive social entrepreneurship competitions in partnership with global companies, foundations and governments.” The goal of the Big C Competition is to stimulate the development of innovative products, services and innovations that provide support to people facing cancer. They’re looking for solutions that:

  • Rebuild financial health
  • Help regain emotional wellbeing
  • Care for caregivers
  • Improve access to quality care
  • Fill the knowledge gap
  • Help anyone facing cancer now

Competitors with the strongest projects are promised “invaluable exposure to the global LIVESTRONG audience of over a million people and a chance to win some of the $140,000 in funding, world-class mentoring, and the potential to form a long-lasting partnership with LIVESTRONG.

Here is how the competition works:

The Big C Competition Infographic

You can learn more about the competition and submit your project on the Big C LIVESTRONG website. The deadline for submissions is May 15, 2014.

Even if you are not competing, you can help attract the best and brightest to the competition by doing one or more of the following:

32 million cancer survivors are waiting to see the results of this competition!