America’s Best in World Healthcare is 37th on the List

Todd Wilemon & Aasif Mandvi discuss best healthcare in the world

I actually haven’t heard anyone saying “America has the best healthcare in the world” recently.  But then I hang out with doctors (and patients.)  The fact is the US is ranked 37th in The World Health Report 2000, Health Systems: Improving Performance.

Watch this very funny (and sobering) video as Aasif Mandvi takes us on a tour of third world health care in the US. Particularly funny, is the segment towards the end of the video when Todd Wilemon, Fox Business commentator has a hysterically long pause -complete with eye rolling and mouth hanging open – as he tries to think up a response after being told the third world healthcare being described is in Knoxville, Tennessee.  He finally says, “Well, some people fall through the cracks.” As if that was not embarrassing enough, Wilemon finishes the interview by saying, “if you’re poor, just stop being poor–get a GED.”  What planet is this guy from?  Oh, I know, “Planet Fox.”


  1. LISTEN to the man! If you’re poor the solution is to just stop being poor. You can be a millionaire in two easy steps. (1) Make $1000. (2) Do it 1000 times.