ACA Driving Premiums Up?


By Thomas Emerick

First Posted at Cracking Health Costs on 3/22/2013

Tom Emerick, Host of Cracking Health Care Costs
Tom Emerick, Host of Cracking Health Care Costs

According to a WSJ article, health insurers are predicting big rate hikes for many people next year resulting from ACA mandates.  Click here to read the full article.

According to the article, “Starting next year, the law will block insurers from refusing to sell coverage or setting premiums based on people’s health histories, and will reduce their ability to set rates based on age. That can raise coverage prices for younger, healthier consumers, while reining them in for older, sicker ones.”

Winners and losers…  As I wrote once before, if older people can’t afford their health insurance premiums why does anyone think younger people can afford to subsidize them?