The Doctor Weighs In (aka TDWI) is a blog about all things health and health care.

We have both regular and occasional contributors. Some of the posts are original and others are reposted with permission from the authors. We curate the materials carefully to be sure they are well written and offer a diversity of opinion. We hope to provide you with a delightful reading  experience as TDWI writers are often provocative, sometimes funny, and always entertaining.


Contributing to TDWI

We carefully curate our posts to be sure we are bringing you the best writers and the most credible sources.  Many publish their work first on their own blog and then send it to us to reach a wider audience.  Many of our contributors have been with us for years, including Kevin CampbellMargaret (Maggi) CaryDike DrummondBrian Klepper, Kenny Lin, Dov MichaeliMichael MillensonPatricia SalberTammy Tran, and Elaine Waples.  We also publish guest posts from writers that meet the same high standards to which we hold our regular writers.

If you would like to contribute to TDWI, we suggest you do the following:

  • Read our recent posts to see what we are interested in and the style we like (including hyperlinks to sources and photos and graphics  (your own or pubished under creative commons license) to illustrate a point
  • Send us your post together with your photo, bio, twitter handle, and links to your website.  We prefer articles between 800 to 1000 words.
  • Videos are also ok, but must be your original work or a available under creative commons.
  • We do not post articles that are purely self-promotional or product promotional.  We are ok if you write about a topic and mention your company, product, book, etc., but don’t make it the main subject.
  • We really don’t like pseudo-science (e.g., lost weight in 10 days with lala berry infusions) and we don’t like articles that are hateful, bigoted, mean-spirited….need I say more.

Ping me on twitter (@docweighsin) if you want to check out our interest in your idea or send a manuscript to info@thedoctorweighsin.com

Happy writing!