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The Doctor Weighs In (TDWI) was started in 2005 by Patricia (Pat) Salber as a blog about obesity and weighs loss. As years passed, TDWI began to add a cadre of wonderful writers, both regular and occasional contributors. You can check who our regular contributors are HERE! The topics covered have expanded and we now cover all aspects of health care.


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Some TDWI posts are original and others are re-posted with permission from the authors. We curate the materials carefully to be sure they are well-written and offer a diversity of opinion. We hope to provide you with a delightful reading experience as TDWI writers are often provocative, sometimes funny, and always entertaining.



Also, in affiliation with our partner site, Health Tech Hatch, we bring to you a world where innovators from around the world can share their stories to the world. We publish blog posts on many of these innovators and companies while mainly sharing their stories through videos. You can find these posts here.